Don’t Throw That Out!: Cardboard

July 26, 2013 by Tricia C.

In my last Don’t Throw That Out! post, I mentioned that I kiiiind of advocate hoarding when it comes to craft materials. (Well you know, as long you keep it organized and actually use the stuff!) One of my favorite materials to reuse is cardboard- boxes, paper towel rolls, etc. The possibilities are endless! Plus I feel pretty good about reusing stuff, don’t you? Do something for the environment and your creativity by making one of these delightful items below. I divided them into a few categories for easier browsing. So many uses! These also make great craft projects for kids.
As per usual on HH, if the name of a site is listed below, a tutorial is available there. If it says “source” then there is no tutorial- just take the idea and run with it!



Simple drawer organizer (source)
Desk organizer with faces (source)
Portfolio from Instructables
Shelving unit made of boxes from Remodelista
“Cardboard tubes work great for organizing cords” (source)
Homemade spools for organizing ribbon, trims, etc. (source)
Wall flower shelving (source)
Colorful drawer organizers from I Heart Organizing
Scissor Organizer- great for classrooms! from Craft Project
Hexagon shelving unit (source)
Lined canvas bins from diaper boxes from Positively Splendid


Home Decor


Home Decor.jpg
Cut out letters over patterned paper from Whip Up
Cardboard wall sculpture (source)
Colorful paper frames (source)
Coffee table tray from All Put Together
Colorful letter magnets from Heart Made Blog
Block letters from Building this Nest
iPad or tablet stand (source)
Lamp shades (source)
Prism pen holder (source)
DIY cardboard photo frame from Oh Oh Blog
Headboard from She Said
Corrugated cardboard pot from Bella Online
Wall letters inside frame from A Woman’s Haven


Parties & Gifts


Hanging prisms and shapes (source)
Stamped/drawn/painted tags (source)
Corrugated cardboard runner and wine bottle cover (source)
Wall numbers (source)
Polka dot flag garland (source)
Hanging cloud and raindrops (source)
Colorful tags (source)
Spaghetti box feathers from Made
Wine bottle tags (source)
3D stars from Grey Luster Girl
“Mr. and Mrs.” letter garland (source)


Just for Fun


Colorful triangles (source)
VW van from Dani and Bel
Hanging diamonds with neon tape (source)
Top hats from Ikat Bag
Rolled cardboard stamps (source)
Starry crown from The Cardboard Collective
Slide over stairs (source)
Play house from Hutch Studio
Embroidered bracelet from Make
Embroidered cardboard- great for cards! (source)


Get creative, save some money, and reuse some materials by trying out one of these fun ideas.


What are your favorite uses for cardboard?


  1. Andi Jenkins says:

    Thanks for including my DIY cardboard tray in your roundup! And I totally agree with you – hoarding is fine, as long as it’s for future craft projects! Although my husband disagrees. ;)

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