Gender Reveal Photos and Parties

June 14, 2013 by Tricia C.

In honor of my sister and her husband finding out the gender of their little one today, (it’s a GIRL!!!) I wanted to post all about gender reveals.  There are two main ways that expectant parents (who choose to do a fancy reveal) share their happy news: photos or some sort of get-together or party.  Mom and Dad can also choose whether they’d like to know ahead of time or find out with everyone else at the reveal.  (See the bottom of the post for more of that!)




You don’t need a professional photographer to still mail (or text, or email, or post online) a cute photo with your special announcement!  A few fun props and a nice background will make your photo look pro, and then a little editing will improve the quality even more.  (For a great easy and free photo editing program, try Picasa.)

Hint:  If you’re doing a photo with balloons, make sure they’re tied down so you avoid polluting!  And so you don’t lose them, too.

Gender Reveal

The couple holding a cute garland with the new baby’s name + blue balloons (source)

“Boy” garland over mommy’s belly (source)

Chalkboard announcement- I love when expectant moms take weekly photos! (source)

“B-O-Y” letters with mom, dad, and house in the background (source)

Mommy wearing a pink ribbon for her future girl (source)

Big sisters with a cute sign and balloons (source)

Baby shoes between mom and dad’s feet with Scrabble pieces reading “It’s a boy” (source)

Opening a box of either pink or blue balloons- Have a friend set this up for you so that you can be completely surprised in the photo!  (source)

Romantic shots of the couple holding a blue balloon (source)

Kissing couple in front of a box of pink balloons- I love the addition of the heart on the front and the cute teddy bear (source)

Pink baby shoes next to mom, dad, and dog’s feet (source)


Gender Reveal1

Artsy shots of cute, girly baby clothes on a clothesline (source)

Silly string!- Have a friend remove the labels so you don’t know which color will come out!  (source)

Sporty announcement with dad and a football (source)

A cupcake with blue filling- Send a pic of the actual cupcake or a pic of mom and dad eating a bite and finding out  (source- recipe included!)

Mom and Dad blindfolded with paint, they squirt at each other, and then take off blindfolds for the reveal- Make a personalized handprint or splatter painting for the nursery!  (source)

Blowing pink or blue glitter or confetti towards the camera (source)

Mommy eating pink or blue ice cream- Bahahahaha  (source)

Older sisters at Disneyland with pink Mickey (or Minnie) ears  (source)

Mom and Dad’s hands holding paint pigment or powder  (source)





Parties are a great way to share your reveal with those you love!  You could also loop this in with a couples shower.  Here are a few fun themes:


Ties or Tutus?  (source)

What’s it Gonna Bee?  (source)

Little Mister or Little Miss? (source)

Bow or Beau?  (source)

Bowtie or Bow?  (source)

He or She, What Will it Be?- you could do a Hershey’s chocolate theme!  (source)

Guy or Girl?- or Pink vs. Blue!  (source)



One of the most important things to remember is to involve your guests!  You can definitely play more traditional baby shower games (Pinterest has a million ideas) but here are a few gender reveal-specific party activities:


List Old Wives Tales relating to gender.  Have guests guess whether that tale relates to a boy baby or a girl, then compare to the expecting mommy!  (source)

Cute voting chalkboard with scrabble pieces.  Have guests mark their vote.  (source)

A champagne bar or another fun buffet totally counts as an activity!  (source)

List Mommy’s cravings, habits, etc. to help guests guess the baby’s gender  (source)

“Team Pink” and “Team Blue” group photos  (source)

Bow and Mustache cutouts on skewers for guests to hold up their guess.-  These would also make an adorable props for a photo booth!  (source)

List Mom and Dad’s top choices for names and have guests guess which it will be or choose their favorite.  (source)

Bulletin board voting board.-  I love the cute bow cutouts and the fun clothespins for guests to take and wear!  (source)

Have a board up for guests to give name suggestions-  You could give points for creativity  (source)

Another cute way to vote!  Have guests fold up pieces of paper with their guess and put them in fun bowls.  (source)



No party is complete without some fun food and decorations!  Don’t forget to keep your theme in mind.


Little boy and little girl silhouettes framed on a table with tissue paper balls and a fun garland.  (source- I love this whole shower!)

A few boy and girl tags put onto cake pops or other items add an adorable touch.  (source)

Make your menu all of Mom’s pregnant cravings.-  I love the yellow and gray dots, too!  Simple and effective.  (source)

“Team Boy” and “Team Girl” pennants stuck into the centerpieces  (source)

Decorate with pink and blue baby gear (source)

Strips of fabric tied together make a “wow” backdrop (source)

Lots of pink of blue!-  You can’t go wrong with tissue paper balls and garlands  (source)

Pink and blue yarn wrapped around block letters-  LOVE this! (source)

Cute little touches: ribbon around mason jars and flags on straws (source)

Hang the baby’s sonograms up until now for guests to see and to help them make a guess (source)

Display pictures of Mom and Dad as babies (source)

Simple and adorable cake topper: bow and mustache cutouts on skewers with a small banner hung between them  (source)

“Male” and “female” cutouts displayed around the party  (source)


Then, of course, is the actual reveal!

Party Reveal

A cake is probably the most traditional route, for good reason!-  I love the idea of making the entire cake pink or blue (not just the frosting between the layers) so there’s a bigger “wow” factor  (source)

Pink or blue cake pops  (source)

Pink or blue stuffed cookies  (source)

Balloons coming out of a box, like in the photos above, but extra exciting with everyone there!  (source)

A reveal box covering a “male” or “female” cutout-  you could also use Barbie or Ken, action figures, etc. based on the couple’s interests  (source)

Group reveal!  Have everyone bite into a cake pop, cupcake, etc. at the same time  (source)

Paper lanterns that drop confetti when the string is pulled!-  I love the idea of letting the older siblings do the pulling.  And the idea of CONFETTI!  (source)

The hostess made a blueberry and a raspberry pie- the couple lifted up the cover to reveal the color of pie  (sourcerecipes included!)

Scratch-off reveal-  You could have just the bride and groom do the scratch off, or let the entire group  (source)

A few more tips:

-  Don’t feel like this has to be a dinner party!  A gender reveal would be just as fun as a light brunch, an ice cream social, wine night, or simply cake and coffee/hot cocoa.

-  If any family members can’t make it, Skype them in!

-  Use décor items that the expecting parents can take home to decorate their nursery or use for the baby.  If they already know how they want to decorate their nursery, you could keep the shower within that theme.

-  Take a cute photo of Mom and Dad either during or after the reveal so they have something to send to those who weren’t there, or they can use them for the thank you notes.  Just take lots of pictures overall!

-  People tend to get a little…enthusiastic when it comes to babies.  Make sure you only share as much as Mom and Dad say is okay and stay within their comfort zone.



If Mom and Dad don’t want to know ahead of time:

-  Have the doctor write on a sheet of paper whether it’s a boy or girl and put it into an envelope.  You could also already have a sheet prepared where the doctor simply has to check off “boy” or “girl.”  SEAL the envelope.

-  Hand off the sealed envelope to either a bakery (for a cake/cupcake/baked good reveal), party store (for the box of balloons reveal), or friend/family member (for a party reveal or anything else!)



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Which gender reveal photo idea is your favorite?


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